8. Aug, 2022

As a lover of Landscape photography and Black and White images this book was a must have .

3. Mar, 2022

They say fact is more dramatic then fiction .

17. Feb, 2022

I’ve mentioned in other “Blogs having a say” that I find photography therapeutic .

27. Jan, 2022

I find it important that, every year I embark on a new subject to focus on .

13. Jan, 2022

It may be its because my star sign is Aquarius, I love visiting ponds and lakes to take photographs .

30. Dec, 2021

Coming up to yet another new year , time for reflection on what went well or not so well.

16. Dec, 2021

Back in the day the only processing I did was colour transparency .

2. Dec, 2021

My photographic journey started over 40 years ago, thanks to a Zenit EM that cost me £2 per week for 27 weeks from Littlewood’s  catalogue.

18. Nov, 2021

Living in Caerphilly, I’m fortunate to live in a Town that has an amazing photographic location slap bang in its centre , the most stunning Medieval Cas...

4. Nov, 2021

I’ve found that its part of my make up when I enjoy an activity I get totally immersed and obsessed in it, this well describes my love of photography , ...

21. Oct, 2021

How I set up my camera's is very much rooted in habit.

7. Oct, 2021

Processing digital or analogue images has a degree of satisfaction whilst displayed on a screen.

23. Sep, 2021

More and more we see the hash tag #filmisnotdead, or #filmisalive, for us old guard , it never dead , coughed and spluttered a bit , but still forms part of ...

13. Sep, 2021

First post will be coming soon

7. Apr, 2022

Having spent a working life seeking objectivity dealing out fair and equitable approach with people .

24. Feb, 2022

Took this Image in 2019 an evening trip to Mermaid Quay Cardiff .

3. Feb, 2022

As part of my interest in photography I derive inspiration from Photographers that produce amazing images and have documented key events in our history .

19. Jan, 2022

The Tokina 100mm F2.

6. Jan, 2022

Getting an Instax instant camera for Christmas has opened an opportunity for a Photographic skills challenge , to master and get interesting creative results .

23. Dec, 2021

I wish all those in the photographic community, friends and family a very Merry Christmas .

9. Dec, 2021

Intentional Camera Movement photography, has been a new genre that I’ve got very interested in.

25. Nov, 2021

There is nothing better then doing some still life photography when the weather restricts outdoor activity .

11. Nov, 2021

I’m often asked “I want to buy a camera what’s the best ”.

28. Oct, 2021

If you search the Web for rules of photography it can range between 5 to 21, yes 21 rules to draw on.

13. Oct, 2021

Digital Photography and its tack sharp presentation is redirecting viewers to its clinical perfection .

30. Sep, 2021

We enter Autumn or Fall and Nature packs away their summer cloths and clads itself with the earth colours rich in colour and atmosphereFor us all it offers u...

16. Sep, 2021

Creative expression is defined as  ”any process in which a person takes an idea and brings it to life”.