Image of the Week (W/C 25th June 2018) and Junes Image of the Month

Last weeks image of the week also hit the heights as the most popular image for the month.

Taken on May bank holiday weekend, the image was taken at Cwmcarn Park, the lake is one of the many features and is a  popular mountain bike centre 

Once again a Black and White photo take's the pole position.

Cwmcarn Park

Cwmcarn Park

2nd July 2018

Wheat Field

Just 3 miles south of Caerphilly you find yourself in the middle of  wheat fields, a reminder that agriculture is alive and kicking in modern Wales. In the middle of a June heat wave the wheat matures and the farmers are like drivers in Le Mon waiting to speed off and harvest

29th June 2018

Photopia Rangefinder

Picked up earlier in the year a Voightlander Vito C 35mm Camera, in my Blog dated 18th January, I explained it has a zone focus method of focusing, so you needed to estimate the distance from subject. Not really in my skill set.

Soluction was this neat little devise a Photopia randgefinder, works by fitting to the flash shoe, viewing your subject and aligning the split  image within the viewfinder then reading off the distance to set on the camera. Running some film through it as a test and will post the results in due course

Voightlander Vito C fitted with a Photopia Rangefinder

Voightlander Vito C fitted with a Photopia Rangefinder

27th June 2018

Image of the Week (W/C 18th June 2018)

One from the set from Cardiff Bay, Roald Dahl Crocky Wock , an amusing sculpture , images captures Cardiff Bay in the back ground.

Once again Black and White wins the day

Cardiff Barrage -- Roald Dahl's Crockywock

Cardiff Barrage -- Roald Dahl's Crockywock

25th June 2018

Preview of Instagram Set -- Water Water Water

Since I'm a water sign I'm drawn to all types of images that include this subject next set combines this with my love of Black and White, below are some example images. 

Enjoy, like and share

Rive Taf at Radyr

Rive Taf at Radyr

Comeston Lakes

Comeston Lakes

22nd June 2018

35mm Point and Shot upgraded

Stumbled on a dirt cheap Rollie Giro 70, on Ebay at £5.50 with a description ,used once boxed as new, had to invest my pennies .

Ran a roll of film and more than happy with the result. I like the compact nature of point and shots , the 35mm film just tick off a lot of box's for me. Check out the test shots in the 35mm Photography section

£5.50 from Ebay

£5.50 from Ebay

18th June 2018

Image of the Week (W/C 11th June 2018)

Not the image published in he Wales on Sunday (17/06/18) rather a 10 inch pan to the right to capture the sun lower onthe horizon

A 3 image bracketed Photograph, enjoyed taken and the end result  

Cardiff Bay

Cardiff Bay

18th June 2018

Bracketing for balanced exposure

The image below has been achieved by using exposure bracketing this is oftain used for landscape to assist correct exposure across the differing area's within the frame.

1.. The foreground grass flowers and fence

2.. City Scape

3.. Sky

Some  DSLR have this  built in as a feature, not the camera I used that night Nikon D3200. A Tripod is a must to ensure the same composition is acheived across the range of exposures. This image was taken at F13, F11 and F9. during post production you then merge the 3 images together to create a single image.

End result a balanced exposure acrosss the image

Cardiff Bay Late Evening

Cardiff Bay Late Evening

15th June 2018

Butter Cup Colour and Black and White

Single subject impact can be differing when looked through the full glory of vibrant colour or the dark noir of black and white.

Both images envoke differing reaction in the eye of the viewer.

12th June 2018

Image of the Week (W/C 4th June 2018)

Strong performance from all the images taken on a Summer evening on Cardiff Bay Barrage.

Once again Black and White takes the top spot from responces on social media and 500px pulse rate

Cardiff Bay Barrage

Cardiff Bay Barrage

11th June 2018

Image of the Week (W/C 28th May 2018)

Fforest Fawr

Fforest Fawr

Enjoyed this image well recieved on social media and 500PX. Low perspective shots is a bit of a challange for me so I've developed a fix by reaching down with the camera to knee level using a Hot Shoe level to achieve a straight horizon, bingo

As they say more than one why to skin a cat

4th June 2018

Image of the Month -- May 2018

Reflection indoor pool Cyprus

Reflection indoor pool Cyprus

Fitting that the image of the month for May was posted first week in May

Reflection in the indoor pool in Cyprus taken early morning with a Nikon D2X Nikkor 28-85mm Lens (F5.6, 1/800th Sec, 80mm, ISO100.)

1st June 2018

Image of the Week (W/C 21st May 2018)

Mr and Mrs

Mr and Mrs

Taken on the edge of one of Caerphilly Castles moats, pair of White Geese, taken with my Nikon D2X with a Tokina 70 -210mm Zoom lens.

The Tokina is a really neat compact lens that delivers very sharp images when paired with the D2X

Lots of positive responce over social media for this image.

28th May 2018

Sunset The Barrage Cardiff

25th May 2018

37 Years Old Nikon -- Test Images

Got my first ever Nikon camera up and running last used about 13 years back. Purchased from Dixons in 1981, the Nikon EM an aperture priority SLR, is very compact and easy to use, when launched Nikon was targeting the female market not sure they'd get away with that these days

Test film taken around Caerphilly  Castle . Camera performed very well one issue to get sorted is a knackered light seal on the door hinge, for  the images below I've either cropped the light leak out or masked in post.

I used  a Tokina SZ-X 28-105mm lens and since 35mm is full frame really got the benefit of the 28mm wide angle setting

Great to use the old girl again 

Test roll of Film using a 37 year old Nikon EM

22nd May 2018

Image of the Week (W/C14th May 2018)

Hill View Rhymney

Hill View Rhymney

Taken on top of a hill road between Tredegar and Aberbargoed. Simple landscape, late winter colours. Dry brick wall running left to right

Taken with a  Nikon D2X and 11-16 Tokina lens.

21st May 2018


I try to theme where possible my instagram feed, the 3 images below are a quick preview of the next batch to be released.

As part of my 10,000 hours training there's nothing I like more is getting images from my garden, looking for patterns colours and composition. this time of year is just the best.

All the next set for instagram have been taken over recent weeks.

Follow me on Instagram at Delweddauimages and search #fortypacesfromthebackdoor

Japanese Pieris

Japanese Pieris

Fern Bud

Fern Bud



18th May 2018

Image of the Week (W/C 7th May 18)

The attached is the most liked image on social media coupled with the pulse rate from my stock agency 500 PX.

Taken in Cyprus this black and white is the indoor pool taken first full day of the Hols, walked the site early morning, taken with a Nikon D2X and Nikkor 28-80mm Lens. 

Reflection of the retractable roof caught my eye

14th May 2018

Forest Fawr Forest Walk

Check this one out amazing location for Photography 100 image site. Great woodland walk with sculpture on the trails to spark the imagination of children

 Link for more information  

10th May 2018

May Bank Holiday walk

Springtime and a Forest walk equals Blue Bells

8th May 2018

Image of the week (W/C 30th April 18)

Parc Bryn Bach

Parc Bryn Bach

Mosted liked on social media and attracting greatest pulse rate on 500Px stock site.

I like the contrast of this image, with the leading line supporting the composition, with the wind turbine sneaking in .

Again a trade mark image for me dramatic sky that complement the drawing of the eye towards the top centre of the image.

Location is Parc Bryn Bach see Blog 11th April for location.

This is a 100 image location with visits planned as the seasons role out

7th May 2018

Cyprus 2018
Cyprus 2018

4th May 2018

Aprils Image of the Month April 2018

Llantwit Major

Llantwit Major

I'm a photographer that tends to make the decision whether an image is presented in colour or black and white at Post production.

When on location my prime focus is on composition.

The image of the month for April was a clear favourite within social media with a strong responce on flickr.

My thinking on producing in Black and white was prompted by the harsh light that day.

The Sun was low and from the right made for solid illumination for the main subject. However the top right of the photograph was blown out (Over exposed), in colour it created a bit of a distraction. In black and white this harsh light aids the overall balance of the picture.

1st May 2018

Destination Cyprus

Packed Ready to Rock

Packed Ready to Rock

3 Bodies packed 

Nikon D3200

Nikon D2X 

Nikon FE 35mm Film

Flexible selection of lens:-

50mm Prime

11-16 Super Wide Angle

28 - 105 Utility Zoom (For the FE)

Nikkor 28 -80 Utility lens (For D2X)

70-200mm Zoom

Nikon Speedlite Flash

Cleaning items ,spare batterys, shutter realises, extra 35mm film SD cards.

Tripod in the main luggage

12th April 2018

Parc Bryn Bach

Lake View

Lake View

Shout out to Jenni Walton for this location, picked up from her Instagram feed.

Lots of images to capture. With a great contrast on the southern aspect of wind turbines. It's a place  to visit as we move through the seasons 100's of images to be found

Link where you can find this lovely likeside park

11th April 2018

Flickr -- Land Mark

6th April 2018 = 159 Lines

6th April 2018 = 159 Lines

I use Flickr as a platform for my images check out trends and get inspiration .

This week the attached image hit a major land mark over 100 likes, this is nothing compared to some of the seasoned photographers using the website, for me, its a bit of achievement as well as a shock.

Its one of these constant conundrum I face with what makes a great image and the challenge on maintaining objectivity when I critic the photo. Rules of composition come into play but it must go beyond just technical disciplines,  its a journey of discovery that will keep me reaching out for the ever better Picture

Check out my link to Flickr

6th April 2018

Digital V 35 MM

I got my aged Nikon FE up and running loaded some Kodak 200 and used it on a recent trip to Llantwit Major on the Glamorgan Heritage Coast below are the results . 

You'll note the clean sharp lines of the digital image, film does produce a softer image, what I've also found film quality and processing is not what it was.

I use Max Spielman, back in the day they sat at the upper end of the processing community, I'm constantly complaining that the negative are returning with dust and fibre marks, some I can sort out during the conversion process, Max is  at last chance saloon.

You choice what you prefer it is a matter of taste

Best result coming out from the day was that the FE is up and running joy of joys.


Taken with a Nikon D3200 with Tokina 11-16mm Lens

35mm Film

Taken with a Nikon FE with Tokina 28-105mm Lens

5th April  2018

New Online Store

First Images on Sale from Friday 30th March 2018

First Images on Sale from Friday 30th March 2018

I'm launching a new online store. I've already closed the Sales Hub that was managed by a Third Party, a great service, but I found the pricing a little rich. Instead I'm taken total control of the process which will offer a range of my images at a great price . If you like my images on a screen, you'll find  the print's are stunning. Store will launch this Friday 30th March

27th March 2018

Composition and Contrast

Llantwit Major

Llantwit Major

Image taken at Llanwit Major very rugged pebble beach.  This image has grown on me, its simple composition and constrast, with the silhouetted beach commers in the mid grounds gives the eye a lot to scan 

26th March 2018

Creative Expression

Caswell Bay

Caswell Bay

For me its always creative expression first, I’ve found it does not fit with Editorial or commercial application, its a lesson I’ve learned very quickly dealing with Stock agencies

My creative voice gravitates towards capturing light in the most dramatic means possible. My Blog dated 12th March “7 minutes of Magic Light” is a great illustration. The 3 photograph sequence delivered a differing perspective for each image the only constant the drama of the light and cloud.

The Master Photographer Cartier - Bresson spoke of capturing the    " Decisive Moment”. I got excited with these image’s because it delivered something that is the end result of my personal vision to produce something special , a fresh perspective that sits under the heading of “High” Concept and demonstrates Bresson’s  viewpoint

I’ll maintain my flow of “Low Concept” images but my mantra is Creative Expression First by adopting  this position I believe I produce my best imagery.

23rd March 2018

Free Processing Software

Lots of expensive processing software in the market place I'm trying out and testing DARKTABLE, see link below to get a copy. 

Its free did some work with it thanks to some excellant tutorials on Ytube. Will update with a review in coming weeks

18th March 2018

Three Reasons Why I Love Black and White

1... Focus attention -- Ted Grant “ When you photograph people in colour you photograph their cloths”

2... Composition is not Compromised

3... Emphasis Negative Space

18th March 2018

7 Minutes of Magic Light

Taken at Knap Barry S Wales

Image 1 @ 14.07 Hrs

Click image for Full picture

Image 2 @ 14.13 Hrs

Click image for Full picture

Image 3 @ 14.14Hrs

Click image for Full picture

12th March 2018

Practice Make Perfect

Being a self taught photographer, I’m very mindful that if I was ever to be good or competent I needed to learn to improve my proficiency.

Back in the day that meant reading books or magazines. One of the go to  authors in the 80’s and 90’s was John Hedgecoe his writing although heavily anchored in 35mm film, the techniques still hold in the digital age.

Since converting to digital I tend to refer to the internet, the vast source of information on the web will make you giddy. I still buy books to review and tap into, to top up my inspiration

However concept learning is one thing there is no substitute to practice banging in “10,000 hours” . Get hold of the camera and use “Test and Learn”.

Practice Practice and Practice some more, make mistakes and learn from errors , the key is not to reproduce error use failure to improve and push your competency bar higher.

For me gaining perfection is a bit like the quote “tomorrow never comes” the subjective nature of photography keeps me well grounded, no sooner you think nirvana has been achieved with an image, it resets your standards and the light hunt commences the following day

8th March 2018



One lens fits all

Its an often asked question :-

“If you could only use one lens what would it be”

For me the requirement directs me towards wide angle but with a need to have some versatility so I park up my lush 28mm Tokina prime and favour a 28 mm - 105mm zoom.

 My lens choice is another Tokina (Yes I’m a fan boy) the SZ-X manual only 28mm-105mm F3.5.  A great lens that when used with my Nikon D2X really does tick the box’s off on quality image and deliver the variety of focal lens to satisfy my landscape requirement with a bit of telephoto throw for tighter views.

The rubber band on the lens is a solution for lens creep (Extending full lenght) when carrying. Its common issue with zoom lens,  wrapped across the bottom to top adds resistance to stop the creep when you use the focus just flick it back.

5th March 2018

Why I use Nikon

People have asked me why I use Nikon camera’s , My reasons are lost  in the mist of time. I’ve written before my first camera was a Russian Zenit, when I moved to Nikon, dredged from my lager stained memory I wanted a more sophisticated camera that I could build a lens collection around

So my brand loyalty goes back to the 1980’s ,  when my wife instigated my transition to digital SLR she defaulted to Nikon for a Chrismas gift. 

My brand loyalty is a default setting I’m certainly not blind to other brands most of my glass is third party, I am a Tokina fan boy , the image quality these lens produce is spot on and fits my purpose.

When asked what’s the best brand the advice I give people is research for what they want, the internet allows people to trawl for something to fit the bill for them. If that’s a Nikon great if it a Canon  so be it  . The important thing for my is to get people  taking photo’s and enjoy the experience, sharing the results and most important printing them off

Amazon has a great Photographic range inclusive of a review section so don’t forget to shop for all you Photographic needs via the link on the top of the page

28th Feb 2018

Day Bags

When I’m out and about with my camera’s I tend to use one of 2 day bays dependant what camera I’m using I stick with Nikon bags, cheap off E bay both purchased for under a tenner.

When at home I store my D2X in one and d3200 in the other, when out a take the camera’s out and carry with a strap with the lens I plan to use that day.

The bag will have accessory's, cleaning kit , alternative lens, either a small digital or 35mm point and shot, note pad, my business cards, mobile phone etc

I tend to pack light as possible so planning on what I take is vital.

27th Feb 2018

Selective Colouring

Coloured Log

Coloured Log

This huge log was left high and dry at Watch House Bay Barry. Harsh light was blowing the image and distracting from the subject the log. Worked the concept in post and delivered an interesting image coloured in a monochrome landscape frame

23rd Feb 2018

Not My Best Purchase -- Opteka 500 mm Mirror Lens

Invested in this lens 2 years back with a view to take photo’s of the Birds in the garden, we have a full complement of bird feeders, nuts, seed and fat balls. So we do attract a good cross section of our feathered friends

Did some research on the lens and the vast majority of comments about its performance was positive.

Its a lens you need mounted on a tripod, but much as I tried this lens at best it produces very mediocre images, very soft. Now I’m not dissing soft images in the right context, but with the birdies you want tack sharp images to show off colours and textures of the feathers

So despatched via Ebay I hope the buyer enjoys the challenge, for me not my best purchase

20th Feb 2018

Snap Shot with a Super Wide Angle

Connie packing a Nikon f55

Connie packing a Nikon f55

Snap this of my wife on a photographic trip out, taken with a 11-16mm Tokina, I'm manually focusing

Pleased with the result using a Landscape lens. Challanges the concept what Lens can and cannot be use for a portrait 

19 Feb 2018 

Back issue Review -- Retirement = More Time

Spent time checking over some images from prior years, and found a number of gems that have hit a positive note on social media.

 Sitting on my hard drive and all was required was the time to review below are the 3 most popular, taken in 2016 and 2017

Retirements benefits is time and uncluttered head

Number -- 1

Talybont on Usk

Number --2

Caswell Bay

Number -- 3

Lower Machen Rapseed Field

12th Feb 2018

Colour or Black and White which do you prefer ?

A single tree Image taken in the Brecon Beacons



9th Feb 2018

Tip on Creating Bokeh

Simple table top shot with silver Bokeh . The Bokeh is not created by some expensive back drop, rather a simple creative use of a silver emergency blanket, wrinkle up the blanket and re wrinkle to create a pattern background .

Set up behind the subject ,shot with a shallow depth of field and flash and it will create a silver swirl bokeh that’s a delight to the eye, use a colour flash gel and it will illuminate the bokeh with the colour you’ve use

Simple and inexpensive

Check the link to Amazon below and experiment at a budget price

7th Feb 2018

Looney 11 Rule

Hand Held Image taken Nikon D2X and a Sigma 70-300mm Telephoto

Hand Held Image taken Nikon D2X and a Sigma 70-300mm Telephoto

There’s been some great images of the “Blue Moon”, below is a quick and easy way to capture a moon shot with a DSLR.

Ideally you’ll need at least a 200mm Lens then the simplest way to get the exposure bang on is to employ the LOONEY 11 Rule using this you can also dispense with a Tripod  

· With ISO 100  setting in the camera,  set the aperture to f/11 and the shutter speed to 1/100

· With ISO 200  setting and aperture at f/11, set shutter speed to 1/200

· With ISO 500  setting and aperture at f/11, set 1/500. This is what I set my Nikon D2X to and hand-held the bitch using a Sigma 70-300mm Telephoto

Simple stuff

2nd Feb 2018

Image of the Month for January -- DEAD HEAT

Derived from 500px pulse rate and likes on Social Media

Mermaid Quay

Taken at Sun rise took some time to compose and set up the camera, and a bit of touching up in post. Overall labour expenditure 60 mins


Taken indoors Rainy Sunday, bouced the flash off the cealing, cropped to fill the frame in post Overall Labour Expenditure 10 Minutes

1st Feb 2018

The Importance of Manual Camera Setting

Camera controls in this digital age can be baffling, today I’m going back to what in hindsight was a simpler time.

My First camera was a Russian Zenit EM and was fully manual . To achieve correct exposure the following was the key elements which needed to be “Dialled” into this camera

1... Film Speed/Sensitivity expressed then as a ASA number (American Standards Association)

2... Speed (Timing of the opening and closing of the shutter)

3... Aperture (Size of the lens Iris)

The Zenit had a simple light meter that assisted the setting of speed and aperture having first set the film speed. You aligned a needle with a pointer then read off a circler gauge for the correct speed and aperture.  Boom off you go

Why is this trip down yester year so significant?

For me it forces you to consider the relationship between Illumination and how best to capture this to deliver the best possible image. Management of light within the image is an important part of the  Art of photography, understanding the relationships of the  3 key elements is vital when exploring what can and cannot be done to produce a picture

Do bang your Digital SLR on to Manual and have a go , you’re skills of light management will improve, and unlike the days of film , you can check the image  on the back screen (Chimping) to see the effect. Do experiment, test and learn.

30th Jan 2018

Subjectivity and Social Media

Most liked image w/c 22nd Jan 2018

Most liked image w/c 22nd Jan 2018

As part of what I do now I share a volume of my Images across social media its a great gauge of what people like and I’ll be honest it helps the formation of my collection for my book.

The art form that is photography is loaded with subjectivity , what people like is a personal preference and reactions differ across the wide base of people that view my images

I do attempt to stay objective by maintaining the technical side of image creation there are rules to photography and creatively.  I do break them I’m a bit heavy handed when it comes to working on High Dynamic Range (HDR) in Post production.

The most liked photo this week Chrysanthemum, is a case that what I think is really great image is eclipsed by a simple shot that was a filler image on a rainy weekend, I do appreciate every like or comment I get , this valuable feedback keeps my ego in check and remind me its the eye of the beholder is the most valued to me

29th Jan 2018

RSPB -- Big Garden Bird Watch 27-29th Jan 2018
RSPB -- Big Garden Bird Watch 27-29th Jan 2018
Blue Tit setting up home and feeding

28th Jan 2018

Voigtlander Vito C -- Success

1st Test Image

1st Test Image

Mission accomplished with the much aged Voigtlander, (See Gas Blog 18th Jan) main issue rest with the photographer, zonal focus a bit of a test, my estimation of feet and meters a bit off, the tree trunk photo first image reasonably sharp with a pleasant shallow depth of field.

Will use as and when I feel nostalgic for some film action

27th Jan 2018

Sudbrook -- Bridge View

Sudbrook -- Bridge View

Great view of the second Severn Bridge crossing is afforded via the village of Sudbrook, a real delight for photographers and visitors to Wales.

The view is a real stunner of this imposing engineering wonder with picnic and seating where you can sit and enjoy a spectacular view

Park in Camp Road walk passed the Sports and Social club follow the street around follow the lane through a narrow walk way and the view will open up , stunning

See attached link to help you

26th Jan 2018

Free Exhibition -- "Swaps" -- David Hurn

Taken by Mrs Owen

Taken by Mrs Owen

Another foul winters day, took time out for insperation at the National Museum Cardiff to view David Hurn's "Swaps" collection, just a fantastic opportunity to view close up some of the great of images over the last 60 years as well as viewing up and coming photographers, check out the link below for more info.

On display till April, take a trip  FREE entry

24th Jan 2018

Parc Cwm Darran

Valley View and Lake

Valley View and Lake

Took a small drive to this Parc  tucked away in the Darran Valley, two miles north of Bargoed just an amazing place  check the link below for more details , its a real surprice and worthy of a trip out and explore.

23rd Jan 2018

A real Bargain Lens

Yongnuo YN50 mm test shot

Yongnuo YN50 mm test shot

The Yongnuo YN50 mm prime lens, what a little gem ,bought for me as a Christmas gift, I put it  through its paces photographing flowers, the result of some awful weather and my wifes Birthday.

Really pleased with the results, for the price this lens punch's well above its weight, the attached photo is heavily cropped and there's no adverse  effect on the image. Click the lens image and check out the price at Amazon.

Other camera fitting's available

22nd Jan 2018

Lashing Down With Rain

Birthday flowers

Birthday flowers

Slashing down with rain, coupled with wifes Birthday means Photo's of flowers. The flowers will die, the images last for ever

21st Jan 2018

Bad Day at Black Rock

Learnt an important lesson today, and the old management analogy on planning runs true.

Proper Planning, Prevents, Piss, Poor, Performance.

I didn’t effectively plan what equipment to take for my target location, then over stretched myself trying to achieve a result using ND (Neutral Density) filters that didn’t suit the location. Then committed the ultimate sin, rushed over shots.

If your digging yourself into shit


Lessons Learnt today

1... What do you want to achieve

2... Take the equipment that will achieve that objective

3... What does your contingency look like

4... On arriving at location walk the view

5.… Decide your composition

6... Set up your camera

7.…Take the shot

8... Review and adjust as necessary

Most Important Take Your Time

19th Jan 2018 

GAS -- Gear Acquisition Syndrome,

Voigtlander Vito C

Voigtlander Vito C

There’s a very well known affliction that affects a lot of photographers GAS and no its not uncontrolled farting, Gear Acquisition Syndrome,  I defy any keen  photographer  not to have  suffered  from  a touch  of  this  from time  to  time.

Its  fair  to  say  the  manufactures  have  a  strategy to fuel  GAS  and every  year something  new  hits  the  stands  that  can  out do last  years  pixel  count, frame  rate  or  wifi  connectivity.

Time  for  a confession,  I’m  a  bit of a suffer, but my affliction  is  more  nostalgic  in nature, been  picking  up aged  35mm  Camera’s,  I’m drawn  by 2 factors , firstly  the  quality  of  the  lens  and second  price .

My most  recent  indulgence , Voigtlander Vito C  the lens is a 55mm F2.8 Lanthar although considered as a budget lens back in the day its performance belies this label. The price ?  A staggering £4.99p.

At first glance the shutter appears to firing correctly across all speed’s and the aperture opens and close with no issue . Needs a bit of a clean, which I find therapeutic, a job for an afternoon, I’ll run some film through it which all adds to the excitement and anticipation of whether the purchase yields a positive result .

I’ll let you know how I get on

That’s my GAS fix for January

18th  Jan 2018  

Raw image Before

Raw shot taken in Sully, Very dramatic Sun behind the cloud, shooting direct into the sun will have the effect of under exposing your foreground

Click photo to see full image

After -- Image Post Processing

I use Photodirector7 to process my images very easy programme that covers off all my needs below are the steps I used to clean the image
1.. Cropped to take a hand rail out.
2..Using the Island as a natural line I regionally adjusted the lower half upped the exposure and contrast. Tweaked the temperature up colour saturation. Then did the same for the upper half again pushing the exposure and contrast to bring out the dramatic sky
3.Finally I globally adjust for clarity , sharpness and reduce any noise

Click photo to see full image

Photo Director 7 -- FREE

17th Jan 2018

Sir Don McCullen

Spent some time  reading and looking at Images produced by Tom Stoddart, and was struck how similar his approach was to what I consider Britain's greatest living photojournalist, Sir Don McCullen.


Whilst I was growing up the news was filled with the war in Vietnam and Sir Don an already accomplished photojournalist produced some of his iconic images whilst covering this conflict, his photo of the shell shocked Marine, is a statement on the human frailty that war produces.


I’d encourage everyone to check out Sir Dons volume of work , although pigeon holed as a Conflict or War photographer, there is more to his artistic output the Book Don McCullen is full of his best , re-published on his 80th birthday , it inspires and shocks you in equal measure. (Click the Photo above to link to Amazon)


16th Jan 2018 

I Love Mondays

Creative Hub Delweddua Images

Creative Hub Delweddua Images

Since retiring the opening question people pose to me is :-

“What are you going to do with all that time you’ll have ?”

My career has always been based on effective planning. So at the end of each day I plan for the next, listed below is what Monday 15th  Jan 2018 looks like, this is after I’ve done my household chores

* Daily instagram post

Processing , had some images in the can from Sunday

On Line input, 500PX ,Flickr, Facebook,Twitter etc


Learning and research,  today I’m reading and viewing images of the amazing British photographer Tom Stoddart

Location planning for Tuesday and review today's outputs

Its a full but rewarding day

15th Jan 2018

Grass Roots Sports

Line Out

Line Out

Grass roots sports is a great outlet to practice sports photography, the capturing of action and players expressions bring rewards and can test your skills. You can achieve this without the investment is super zoom lens, moving and anticipating action can reap rewards. The attached image taken with a 55 mm focal length

Suggested Camera setting

Shutter Priority with shutter set 800th -1000th , too capture movement

Aperture F3 to F4

Let the camera auto select ISO to complement shutter and aperture

Enjoy test your skills

14th Jan 2018

Golden Hour-- Dawn

Mermaid Quay -- Winter Dawn

Mermaid Quay -- Winter Dawn

It is well documented that there are are 2 golden hours of light during the day, during Dawn and Sun set. To take the best image its vital to use a tripod, a trip to Mermaid Quay on Cardiff bay is an excellent location

12th  Jan 2018

“In Memory of The Merchant Seafarers From The Ports of Barry, Penarth, Cardiff Who Died In Times of War”.

If you take a trip to Mermaids Quay Cardiff Bay opposite the Welsh Assembly building your presented by a sculpture , called the Merchant Seafarers' War Memorial, Using galvanized painted steel, artist Brian Fell created on one side, a human face, and on the other, a beached shipwecked hull . The face symbolizes the lives lost forever to the sea, or the countless merchant seaman who died in armed conflict.

11th Jan 2018

Photography Users

Photography in all its forms have never been so popular . Back in the early 2000 it is estimated that 43,000,000 rolls of 35 mm film was processed each year.

Compare this to the staggering 800,000,000 Instagram users each MONTH world wide !

In the UK , Smart phone users number are circa 50,000,0000,  and with each phone comes a camera .

Photography has never been so accessible

10th Jan 2018

3 Tips on Cleaning your Camera Body.

What ever your photographic work flow looks like , one habit its important to get into , is to clean your camera,  Photographers invest a lot of money into their equipment so its vital its given some loving care after a days use.

Simple process to keep things looking bright, clean and professional 3 easy steps

1. Use a blower and blow off surface dust

2. Follow this with a soft brush getting into the corners around buttons and body work ( Cheap tip on brush’s,  soft make up brush’s great alternative to bespoke camera brush’s)

3. Then wipe down with a micro-fibre cloth, if you find you have more stubborn stains use some distilled water on a Qtip then dry off with a cloth.

Clean presentable equipment doesn’t help take better photo’s but its about being disciplined on how you approach your hobby

9 Jan 2018

Pre-Match Huddle

Grass Root Rugby Tournament Cardiff Arms, Cardiff, S. Wales

Line Out

Pontyclun V Penarth Line take


Keeping inspired is a vital element in enjoying and developing your photography being mentally stimulated is as important as technical skills and the equipment you use .

Its vital as in all things in life to be a proactive creature, keep your Inspirational  bank account well topped up.

You can gain this from many sources , and as with learning what fits for one person will not for others. One of the area’s that is rich with content that is diverse as the genre’s in photography is books, the tactile nature of pages and imaginary within is hugely appealing.

 To stop, browse, dip in and out, seeing things in the imagery not seen in prior visits helps fuels creativity and fills the inspirational tank

Check out this little gem 5000+ Days , published 10 to 11 years , its powerful imagery will sometimes shock but will also inspire you. Following the link to Amazon to get a copy 

5th Jan 2018 

35 MM Black and White Film

My go to film for black and white, delivers grainy nostalgic images

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Kentmere 400asa Black & White Film 35mm 36exp 5 Pack

4th Jan 2018

Tip on effective composition -- Layering Photo’s

Wall Mural -- Merthyr Tydfil

Stumbled on this whilst on a shopping trip to Merthyr Tydfil, snapped with my phone. Small glimpse of the industrial history of the town

2nd Jan 2018