Image of the Week (W/C 23rd May 2022)

A monochrome composition hits top spot, taken on the top of the Rhigos Mountain. A group of wind turbines adds to the contrast of the mountan and yes that is my old car sitting in the mid ground.

The clouds fight for attention against these towering structures add drama to the image

Taken with my favourite lens camera combination for landscape, Nikon D2X and Tokina 11.16. Seetings 15mm, F8, 160thSec and 100 ISO

30th May 2022

Image of the Week (W/C 17th May 2022)

After a 3 week Holiday break, Image of the Week harks back to Winter 2021, a landscape of Mumbles Pier containing the the Old lifeboat station left centre and new, right .

A dull day with 100% cloud cover that delivered a shower during the visit . This landmark of the Mumbles is well worth a visit

Taken with Nikon D3200 with Tamron 24-10mm Lens 

Setting 16mm , F7.1, 1/125Sec and 100 ISO

23rd May 2022

Mumbles Pier

Mumbles Pier

Image of The Week (W/C 18th April 2022)

I bit of abstract selective colouring with this image a lone walker on the headland path at Barry Island . On what was a dark winter day, the gents red coat stood out and prove to be a distraction from the strong lines out to the bay 

Used a manual Tokina 28-105mm manaul lens that works on a NonCPU setting with my Nikon D2X, handy  as a walk about lens

Settings 28mm , F8, 125thSec and 560 ISO 

25th April 2022

Red Coat

Red Coat

Image of the Week (W/C 11th April 2022)

Visitors to Penarth Pier form part of  this composition, the clear blue sky set off a strong leading lines based image. Using my TZ 70 Lumix which was back up camera that day since it was a day I was using my F4S 35mm Nikon see results at Film Photography and FotoSketcher Images.

I'm still using the Lumix on P mode (see why at Taking the "P".) Very much enjoying the simple point and shot aspect of using this setting

Settings 4.3mm,F3.3, 1/1258thSec and ISO80

19th April 2022

Penarth Pier

Penarth Pier

Image of the Week (W/C 4th April 2022)

Not a lot of love for my images last week, feedback and responce is important in this part of my site since Image of the week is a responce to views and the Pulse rate on 500px

Against the background a solid image of Taff Bargoed River capturing a still and reflective water with the boarders of the image drawing your eye up the valley all  topped off with dark winter clounds 

Taken with Nikon D3200 fitted with 18-55 Kit lens settings 18mm F4,1/60thSec and 100 ISO

11th April 2022 

Taff Bargoed River

Taff Bargoed River

Image of the Week (W/C 28th March 2022)

Image taken at Newport Wetlands  it lies between the Severn Estuary and the River Usk on the South Wales coast. It is owned and managed by Natural Resources Wales, working in partnership with RSPB Cymru. It affords opportunities for the landscape and nature photographers .

The image depicts one of the raised walkways through the reeds with the East Usk Lighthouse in the background . Well worth a visit see map for information .

Photograph taken with a Nikon D3200 with 18-55 kit lens fitted . Settings 18mm,F5,1/100thSec and 100 ISO

4th April 2022

Newport Wetlands

Newport Wetlands



Image of the Week (W/C21st March 2022)

Image taken in November at Trecco Bay and yes those black clouds was full of rain, spent the morning dodging showers, protecting my D3200 with a shammy cloth.

Photo has a wind swept feel with the rain puddles evidant in the sand in the mid and foreground . The sweep of the sand left to right drawing the eye in the centre of the image with the Bay and far shoreline in the background  

Taken with Nikon D3200 fitted with a Tamron 10-24mm Lens. Settings 16mm F9 1/320thSec and 200 ISO.

28th March 2022 

Image of the Week (W/C 14th March 2022)

Image taken on a recent visit to Aberavon Beach . The photograph reflects a lot of my favoured photographic elements , strong leading lines, lots of items in the frame do like the running dog ,  middle centre. The contrast of the beach and the industrial port in the background . All set under a dramatic sky with low Winter sun .

Taken with a Nikon D3200 fitted with a Tamron 10-20mm Lens . Settings 17mm, F6.3 1/400thSec and 100 ISO

21st March 2022

Aberavon Beach

Aberavon Beach



Image of the Week (W/C 7th March 2022)

Spent some time reviewing old RAW files pulled this one out for processing . Taken in the early morning April 2017 at Lower Machen ,its sister image got published in the May of that year.

The sun has just risen delivering a red glow on the cloud edges and a very sutle lighting on the field . I visit this field periodically and yet to find a view that match's this one 

Taken with Nikon D3200 with kit lens, settings 18mm , F9, 1/6thSec and 100ISO. (Tripod deployed)

14th March 2022 

Image of the Week (W/C 28th February 2022)

Taken on a very cold visit to Swansea , in November, the dark clouds threatened rain and didn'tt disappoint. Image of Bracelet Bay top end of the Mumbles. Taken outside a lovely Italian eating house Castellamare.

Taken with a Nikon D3200 fitted with a Tamron 10-24mm Lens. Settings 10mm,F7.1, 1/160thSec and 100 iso 

7th March 2022  

Bracelet Bay

Bracelet Bay

Image of the Week (W/C 21st February 2022)

A product of the Lumix TZ70, panoramic setting. Taken in the Summer at Cwmbran Boating Lake, an amazing still day affording stunning reflections in the lake.

Rich colours and pleasing content adds to what is a balanced composition. In my blog having a say Taking the "P" I wrote about keeping the TZ70 set to programme mode and I must say its having a positive impact on the end product from this camera .

Camera setting 4.3mm, F7.1,1/250thSec and 80 ISO

28th February 2022  

Cwmbran Boating Lake

Cwmbran Boating Lake

Image of the Week (W/C 14th February 2022)

Yet another seaside image takes top slot . Barry Island beach eve of a storm . The 500PX pulse rate is the highest so far for 2022, well recieved by this photgraphic community with a number of positive comments . Very minimalist landscape with the main eliments being  Earth ,Sea and Sky ..The wet and dry sand constrasting each other topped off by dramatic sky .

The Image can be purchased by buyers from our distribution partners, Getty Images and Visual China Group (VCG).

Taken with a Nikon D2X and Tokina 11-16mm Lens .Settings 11mm,F9 1/250thSec and 100 ISO 

21st February 2022

Winter Storm Clouds -- Barry Island

Winter Storm Clouds -- Barry Island

Image of the Week (W/C7th February 2022)

Image of Trecco Bay Porthcawl, the three level planter caught my eye for foreground interest . The green adding contrast and balance  to the gold of the sand and the gray of the sky .

Taken with a Nikon d3200 with 10-24 Tamron Lens. Settings 15mm , F10,1/125thSec and 200 ISO

14th February 2022

Planters View

Planters View

Image of the Week (W/C 31st January 2022)

What a contrast from the last last 2 Images of the week, the vivid shades of nature take top slot this week . The mass of red berries come from an evegreen ( Cotoneaster) in my fathers garden . 

The colours are so vivid with constrast of the green leaves and solid dark of the branch adds  to the composition .

Taken with a Nikon D3200 fitted with a 50mm Yongnuo Prime lens settings F6.3 1/250th Sec and 100 ISO , Flash used to fill in 

7th February 2022


Cotoneaster "Cornubia"

Image of the Week (W/C 24th January 2022)

No sooner that we get a black and white hit top slot for the week , a second follows up. Not only Image of the Week but also ,most popular for January.

Image also features in Dramatic Sky, taken on the top of Merthyr Common, road that links Deri and Bedlinog . Image reflects not only my love of dramatic skys but also leading lines 

Taken with a Nikon D3200 with Tamron 10-24mm Lens . Settings 10mm,F3 ,160thSec and 100 ISO

31st January 2022

Merthyr Common

Merthyr Common

Image of the Week (W/C 17th January 2022)

First Black and White Image of the Week in 2022. Monochrome images always draw positive responce and this is no exception, smashing all contenders. Taken in October a typical overcast winter day at Barry Island.

Taken with Nikon D2X with Tokina 11-26 Lens fitted Settings 11mm, F9, 1/200thSec and 100 ISO 

24th January 2022 

Barry Island

Barry Island

Image of the Week (W/C 10th January 2022)

In these Winter months nothing more warming to looking back on images taken in the Summer . Top Image a capture of a Bee feeding on a Sunflower

Macro image taken with my go too close up lens Tokina 100mm . I'll be doing a bit of a review on this week in "Blog having a Say". 

Taken with Nikon D2X with Takoina 100mm settings F6.3 1/250thSec

17th January 2022 

Sunflower Bee

Sunflower Bee

Dare Valley Lake

Dare Valley Lake

Image of the Week (W/C 3rd January 2022)

The first image of the week for 2022 , a landscape view, taken in the summer of one of the lakes at Dare Valley country park Aberdare. Lovely location just outside town at the top of a boxed valley map attached for information 

Taken with a Nikon D2X with Tokina 11-26 lens fitted. Settings 14mm,Fb 1/320thSec and 100 ISO

Available for sale at Alamy

10th January 2022